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Habanos Collection 2012 Cuaba Bariay Arrives In Edmonton

Our Cigar Shop is excited to announce the arrival of Habanos Collection 2012 Volume 1, Series II Cuaba Bariay in Edmonton! This Habanos brand, is presented in the new Habanos Collection with 20 Cigars, which have been made in a very special way by a selected group of experienced Cuban cigar rollers only for this occasion. (Not all cigar rollers … [Read More...]

Smoking Jacket Magazine Reviews Edmonton Cigar Shop

We were recently honored with a visit from Erin McRoy and Sable Aradia of Smoking Jacket Magazine. As lovers of the leaf their group was inspired to launch an online magazine in May of this year (2014).  They have contributors from all over Canada and stopped by our tobacco shop in the Edmonton area on a road trip through Alberta. Sable starts … [Read More...]

How to Properly Cut a Cigar

Part of the fun in smoking a cigar is the ritual people have before the initial smoke. Before you get even the softest flame near the cigar, you are going to want to cut it. Here are a couple tips on cutting a cigar to help you get started. A cigar has two ends to it. The Foot (already cut) and the Head (uncut) – the end you will be … [Read More...]

The Stars Come Out For Cigars

If we are known by the company we keep, than we are in good company. There have been many celebrity cigar smokers that are quick to light up both on and off camera. The list includes actors, actresses, politicians, and athletes. Actually there is probably no corner of the globe or occupation that does not have a famous cigar smoker enjoying … [Read More...]